Super wealthy and in the market for a rare hypercar? Sure, you could take home a Bugatti Veyron or its more powerful successor, the Chiron, but why not opt for the uber-rare Vision GT concept instead. That’s exactly what one Los Angeles-based collector did, and video shows him taking delivery of his one-of-a-kind new ride.

Making its debut in 2015, this is the only Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo in the world. Its design was inspired by two-time Le Mans 24 Hour winner the Bugatti Type 57G, and under the hood is a W16 engine that pumps out a monstrous 1,650 horsepower (1,230 kilowatts) and 1,165 pound-feet (1,230 kilowatts) of torque.

Gallery: Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo creation showcased [video]

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Purchased initially by Prince Badr bin Saud of Saudi Arabia, and then sold to its new owner in L.A., the car is seen in the video above being delivered to its new owner. Apart from its stunning bodywork and dramatic engine, there are a few other staggering figures to take note of.

Taking your Bugatti Vision GT in to get serviced will set you back a whopping $20,000, that includes an oil change, a clean windshield, and a tire pressure check. Speaking of tires, a new set Michelin racing slicks – of which there are just two sets in the entire world – will cost another $93,000. There are even three remotes for the car that control things like exterior and interior lighting, ride height, and the rear wing.

Of course, if you have the money to spend on the Bugatti Vision GT, an estimated cost of around $5.16 million, new tires and a $20,000 oil change are just a small price to pay for this one-of-a-kind supercar.

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