If you own a Bugatti Veyron – which I'm sure most of you do – then you know all too well how much it costs to operate. An annual service will set you back $20,000, while a fresh set of tires will cost you anywhere from $30,000 to $42,000, and need to be replaced every 2,500 miles (4,000 kilometers). That said, we do have some good news about the new Chiron's operating costs.


According to CarBuzz, in an interview with Bugatti Principal Engineer Martin Grabowski at Frankfurt, Chiron owners won’t have to dish out $30,000 for a set of tires; thank god. The Chiron does away with the specially designed Michelin Pilot Sport 2s found on the Veyron, and instead uses a standard rim geometry and standard mounting process, cutting the massive cost.

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"The rim is now a lifetime part. The tire itself is much cheaper," said Grabowski in the interview. "And because of the standard mounting process, you can mount it everywhere. The tires can be changed anywhere. It’s much easier." Though Grabowski neglected to give a price, he assured that it was far less than the cost of new tires for a Veyron. 

Even more impressive, those standard tires have reportedly been tested to withstand the Veyron’s 261 mph (420 kmh) top speed... and then some. Grabowski suggested that there’s potential for even more speed, saying, "we’re still testing them to see how far they can go."

In case you forgot, the Bugatti Chiron’s impressive 261 mph (420 kmh) top speed is thanks in part to a 1,500-horsepower (1,118-kilowatt) W16 engine, which allows it to sprint to 60 mph (96 kmh) in about 2.0 seconds, and on to 200 mph (321 kmh) in just 14 seconds. The hypercar recently set a record run of 0-249-0 mph (0-400-0 kmh) in just 41.96 seconds. 

Source: CarBuzz

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