Back in 2015, Honda filed a patent for a sports car that was rumored to become the new "Baby NSX." While the proposed production version has yet to come to fruition, we know now that those patent images were instead intended for Honda's new Vision GT concept. This is our first look at the Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo concept in full. Like the many GT concepts before it, this one was designed exclusively for use in the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport video game.

Though it retains a near identical profile to the original patent that was filed in 2015, the actual concept looks much sharper on screen. The gaping grille carries over, but the front fascia is far sculpted overall, as is the side profile. New wheels and a distinctive rear give the Honda Sports concept a much meaner look over its patent image predecessor.

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The leaked images here don’t show an interior, but thanks to patent images filed back in July, we have an early idea as to how it might look. Features like an F1-inspired steering wheel, and a streamlined, minimalistic dash contrast nicely to the sporty exterior. Other features like the side-mounted cameras in place of mirrors also carry over from the original patent images.

Specs for the new concept remain a mystery. Early rumors suggested that the mid-engined vehicle would come powered either by either a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine off a Civic Type R, or a 1.5-liter engine paired with hybrid assistance. Given that the concept was designed for virtual track use in Gran Turismo Sport, it’s safe to assume a horsepower number north of 500 horsepower (372 kilowatts) will be available in the game.

The Honda Vision Sports Gran Turismo will be available at launch alongside 161 total cars, including six other Honda vehicles like the new Civic Type R, the Project 2&4, the NSX, the NSX Group 3, the NSX Group 4, and the NSX Group B Rally Car. Gran Turismo Sport will launch officially on October 18, with a demo version of the game available now until Thursday, October 12.

Source: VWVortex

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