Another day, another Nurburgring record. This time the trophy goes back to the world of internal combustion engines, courtesy of Lanzante Motorsport and the tweaked McLaren P1 LM. The ultra-exclusive hypercar blitzed the Nordschleife in an astounding 6 minutes 43.2 seconds, then left the track for its return trip to the United Kingdom. It should be noted that the car wasn’t trailered, but driven back.


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As you would expect, the McLaren P1 LM isn’t a run-of-the-mill P1, if there is such a thing. The biturbo V8 is punched up to 4.0 liters in displacement, compared to the 3.8-liter mill in the standard P1. It also gets extra boost from the pair of turbochargers as well as more guff from its electric motor to deliver a combined 1,000 horsepower. 132 pounds was shaved from the LM as compared to the P1 GTR, achieved through the use of lightweight materials such as lexan windows, as well as the removal of the built-in air-jack system.

The P1 LM utilizes the aerodynamics of the P1 GTR with some modifications to the rear wing, a larger front splitter, and dive planes. Lanzante says the changes give the P1 LM 40 percent more downforce. It also receives a fully exposed carbon fiber roof with more carbon fiber panels seen throughout both the exterior and interior.

The new record comes on the heels of electric upstart Nio claiming the production car record just a couple weeks ago with its EP9, which turned in eerily silent time of 6 minutes 45.9 seconds. The claim was controversial in the eyes of some, who question the EP9’s title of “production car” since only 16 examples are to be built. Those people will surely raise the same doubts for the McLaren P1 LM, of which only five will be built. Furthermore, those five are already sold so even if you did have a million bucks burning a hole in your pocket, you're already out of luck.

Still, the time stands and the P1 LM is a road legal car – with air conditioning no less. Anyone care to wager how long this current record will last?

Source: Lanzante

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In June 2016, the P1 LM was launched at Goodwood Festival of Speed, where it became the fastest road car to tackle the Goodwood Hill.

Over the past eleven months, as the five P1 LM production cars have been built, the identical prototype XP1LM road car has been testing. During the final phases at Nurburgring Nordschleife, XP1LM achieved a fastest lap of 6.43.2. After setting this new lap record, the car then drove directly from Nurburgring back home to the UK.

This project is the latest collaboration between Lanzante and Kenny Brack. Kenny Brack is known for his 1999 Indianapolis 500 win, 1998 Indy racing win, and recent gold medal at the 2009 rally-x during the

x-games. Lanzante first became globally synonymous with the McLaren name when it ran the semi-works Mclaren F1 GTR that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1995.

The project also received support from McLaren, and Pirelli who made a specific size and compound road legal Trofeo tyre for the P1 LM.

The P1 LM road car is intended to be the quickest, rarest, and last of the P1 variants.

All five P1 LMs are sold, and will be used in the USA, Japan, UAE and the UK.

Lanzante and Kenny Brack shall be allowing journalists to experience the P1 LM production car at the 2017 Goodwood Festival of speed, where they will also host a live talk about their Nürburgring achievements.

Car Specification

Mclaren P1LM

Engine: The biggest change is to the engine hardware, increasing capacity from 3798cc to 3994cc, additional boost, and hybrid power producing 1000 BHP and 1050 N m torque. This is achieved while still using

99-octane fuel.

Max RPM: 8500

Rated output in PS: 800 @ 7.250 rpm and 200 from E motor

Top speed 345 kph - limited

Wheels: 9.5 x 19 front / 12.5 x 20 rear

Tyre: 275/30/19 front / 335/30/20 rear

Weight: 1390 kg

Chassis: Wheels and tyres are unique to the P1 LM with centre locking. The LM is 60kg lighter than even the McLaren P1™ GTR due to the removal of race parts such as the air-jack system, the use of lightweight seats replicated from the original McLaren F1 GTR, the Inconel exhaust and titanium tailpipes, lightweight fabricated charge coolers, Lexan windows, and the use of titanium bolts and fixings. 

Design: The advanced aerodynamics and styling of the McLaren P1™ GTR are largely carried over to the

P1 LM but with increased aero from a modified rear wing, and larger front splitter and dive planes.

Together the changes give an increase in downforce of 40%. The P1 LM is uniquely fitted with a fully exposed carbon fibre roof and additional panels. Other exterior changes include orange brake callipers on the orange examples, and silver on the grey ones.

Interior: Exposed carbon fibre covers the entire dashboard, instrument cowl, seat backs, roof, door cards, centre console and even the floor mats. Air conditioning is included as standard. Orange Alcantara ® is used for the seat inserts and door pulls on the orange cars, black on the grey examples. Five point seat belts are also fitted. The Alcantara ® trimmed steering wheel is unique to the P1 LM and is a modified version of that used in the championship winning McLaren MP4/23 driven by Lewis Hamilton. 

Additional Equipment: The P1 LM will be supplied by Lanzante with a full tool kit replicating that of the original McLaren F1. Included is a torque wrench and wheel socket, diagnostics tablet, tailored car cover, and battery charging system.

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