Living the luxury lifestyle means extravagance at every opportunity. Perhaps that why we find this clever rendering of a Smart Fortwo reimagined as a Maybach to be so intriguing. With the snazzy front fascia and gigantic wheels seamlessly blended to the familiar Smart micro car shape, we’re oddly fascinated by the idea. Plus, we really want to use the phrase livin’ large in the article somewhere. Oops, we just did.


See the newest Maybach model:


Obviously the Smart Maybach isn’t the real deal, though we can understand initial reactions to the contrary. It wasn’t so long ago that Aston Martin officially entered the Kei car segment with the Cygnet, which was a restyled Toyota iQ shouldering a bit more bling and hefty price tag. How Aston Martin thought it would be a good idea remains to be seen, but it was given the boot after selling something like 300 cars in two years.

And yet, there’s something satisfyingly amusing about seeing these larger-than-life models graphed into plebian city runabouts. It ranks right up there with candlelit booths at McDonalds, or chimps wearing Armani suits. Peisert Design is the brainchild for the Smart Maybach, and it features 22-inch wheels from the Maybach S650 convertible with the front grille and lights based on the Maybach 6 Concept. The interior borrows from the 2018 Mercedes S-Class with the full-length glass instrument cluster / infotainment system. Power comes from two electric motors driving each wheel. And due to its luxury heritage, there are carbon fiber panels on the sides and roof.




The odds of ever seeing such a creation in real life are about the same as finding a four-leaf clover on Jupiter, but thanks to Peisert Design we don’t have to wonder what a mini Maybach would be like. If you want to see how this design came to life, check the video link above. While you’re at it, let us know what kind of crazy automotive creation you’d like to see. We’re still holding out hope for a Lexus LC500 with t-tops and a Bandit Trans Am color scheme. That would be awesome.

Source: Peisert Design

Gallery: Smart Maybach Rendering by Peisert Design

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