AmphiCoach will be putting its GTS-1 amphibious bus into production soon, after three years of R&D.

Are you worried about global warming causing the polar ice caps to melt and the seas to rise? If the doomsday predictions of the environmentalists come true, at least you'll still be able to take a bus tour through the flooded streets of Europe's coastal cities, thanks to the AmphiCoach GTS-1.

Billed as the world's first fully amphibious passenger motorcoach, the Malta-built AmphiCoach GTS-1 goes into production this year, after three years of design and development. The company already has twelve confirmed orders, with another fifty inquiries pending. The AmphiCoach GTS-1 is available in left- or right-hand drive, and conforms to all of the relevant E.U. noise and emission regulations.

AmphiCoach hasn't released final details of the production version, but the prototype is based on an Italian Irisbus chassis. A redesigned outer shell gives the AmphiCoach a stable, seaworthy hull as well as a unique look on the road, and an Iveco common-rail diesel engine provides power. Pricing has been set at £280,000 in the UK.

AmphiCoach is World's First Amphibious Passenger Coach