Only the price might change your mind about wanting this pristine premium convertible.

Folks in the United Kingdom still lusting after the R107-generation Mercedes-Benz 500SL can now get one from 1989 with just 965 miles on it. At an eye-watering 94,995 pounds, the showroom is asking more for it than a 2017 SL500’s base price in the U.K. of 83,040 pounds.

At 965 miles in roughly 28 years, this premium convertible only saw the road about 34 miles a year. That would have been barely enough for a trip around town every once in a while.

Delivered on November 1, 1989 this car is likely one of the last ones sold before the R129-generation Mercedes SL replacement went on sale. Maybe the buyer preferred this boxy shape that dated back to the ‘70s rather than the sleeker model that was soon arriving in showrooms.

1989 Mercedes-Benz 500SL

This one comes in a attractive combination of a black exterior and beige interior. The paint, trim, and upholstery all appear to be in like-new condition. This car also comes with cruise control, air conditioning, heated seats, and a matching hard top. Unfortunately, the seller doesn’t offer any photos under the hood, so it would be worth seeing if the mechanicals, including the 5.0-liter V8, are similarly pristine before signing the check.

Mercedes 500SLs aren’t too rare on the used market, but finding another one with such low miles would be quite a challenge, especially in right-hand drive. If having a practically factory-fresh example is important to the buyer, then we could see that person not being able to pass up this car, even at its enormous price.

When non-exotic cars with incredibly low mileage turn up, you always have to wonder about their story. Clearly someone was enamored enough with the vehicle to purchase it, but the person somehow couldn’t find the time to put the automobile on the road. These rare time capsules offer buyers a chance to get a practically new car decades after leaving the showroom.

Source: Hexagon Classics

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