Four-door convertibles are rare enough, but making one out of a pickup makes this creation even weirder.

California’s Newport Convertible Engineering cuts the top off of anything a customer wants ranging from high-end rides like a Land Rover Range Rover to greener vehicles like the Toyota Prius and Tesla Model S. Now, the firm is taking a saw to America’s perennial bestseller by turning a Ford F-150 SuperCrew into a convertible.

In addition to slicing off the top, the conversion adds a thick roll hoop around the B-pillar. The piece maintains a modicum of structural rigidity and provides extra support for the top when it is in place. The company’s video indicates that operation is as simple as holding down a button at the top of the windshield cross member, and the electric roof folds into position.

Ford F-150 Convertible
Ford F-150 Convertible

We would be very curious to drive this bizarre conversion to find out the effect of slicing off an F-150’s top. The loss in rigidity might hurt the ride quality. However, the instant attention of everyone on the road could make up for any harshness in the cabin.

If you are into the droptop F-150’s look, there might be a chance to buy one soon because Newport Convertible Engineering is looking at building more of them. “There has been an extreme worldwide demand,” for the truck, according to a press release from the company. The firm claimed it has requested 5,000 to 10,000 trucks from Ford to perform additional conversions.

If you’re looking for a new vehicle that combines open driving and truck-like looks from the factory, the upcoming Jeep Wrangler pickup is probably your best bet. We don’t yet know whether a full soft top would be available on the upcoming model. However, the company could conceivably incorporate the large removable roof panels like the ones on the Renegade and on a rejected Wrangler design.

Source: Newport Convertible Engineering, [2], Facebook via Jalopnik

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