Previewing a future small luxury crossover.

Lexus pulled the sheets off its UX concept at the Paris Motor Show, revealing an edgy, angular design that shows off the brand’s vision for its future compact crossover models. As we saw when the car was leaked online, it adopts many styling cues from the new NX and RX crossovers. The UX is aimed squarely at young, tech-savvy, city-dwelling shoppers that Lexus refers to as “Urbanites.”

Out front, the Lexus spindle grille design dominates the rounded nose, with swept-back headlights and a deliberately pointed hood that are intended to, together, produced a sports car-like look. The front fenders rise above the rest of the hoodline and meet the windshield above its base. At all four corners, the fenders flare outward in dramatic style to give the car a wide and sporty stance. Despite its crossover-like high ground clearance, Lexus says it has kept the driving and seating positions to a coupe-like low.

The roofline is almost perfectly flat but short in length, as the rear window slopes down at almost a 45-degree angle; roof rails curve to follow part of the boomerang-like C-pillars. The design, which includes a massive U-shaped LED light element spanning the width of the liftgate, likely does no favors to cargo-carrying ability.

Lexus UX Concept
Lexus UX Concept
Lexus UX Concept

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The inside of the Lexus UX
is even wilder, starting with its semi-transparent A-pillars. Though Lexus says it is “feasible” to make the entire A-pillar from clear polycarbonate, for now they’re formed from aluminum struts with polycarbonate “fins;” the result is that the driver can see past the pillars far more easily than with a traditional design. Also present are the web-like Kinetic seats that Lexus previously detailed.

Up front, Lexus has deliberately given the driver more space than the passenger, separating them with a tall center console that extends the full length of the cabin. The front is finished in dark colors to minimize driver distraction, while the rear has lighter fabrics and materials. Details include a low dash cowl, a pair of color displays few by tiny cameras, which replace traditional rear-view mirrors. A floating, hologram-like digital display in front of the driver takes on a globe-like appearance, while additional touchscreens can be found on the dashboard and the angled center stack.

Though it is, of course, a fanciful design study, the Lexus UX really hints at a new subcompact luxury model for the brand. Lexus has reportedly already trademarked model names like UX 200 and UX 250 in Europe; the future crossover would sit below the already-small NX in the range. It’s rumored we could see a production UX as early as a year from now.

Source: Lexus

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