BMW's push to electrify its lineup will take a huge step forward with the launch of the Neue Klasse platform. Set to underpin production vehicles in just two years, the electric-first architecture will make BMW's EVs more efficient, with faster recharge times and longer battery ranges. As expected, the company's electrification efforts will extend to the coveted M brand—and the iconic M3.

The high-performance electric sedan is still about three years out from reality, but BMW is already hyping it up with huge promises. We know some details, like its quad-motor setup and an 800-volt architecture, but the design, output, and performance specs will be well-guarded secrets until closer to its reveal.

Before we see the high-powered electric variant, BMW will introduce the standard i3 first. Until that happens, here's what we know about the upcoming electric BMW M3 sedan.

What Will It Be Called?

2025 BMW M3 Badges

Late last year, a trademark filing surfaced for the name "BMW iM3," which many speculated could be for the performance variant. But BMW M CEO Frank van Meel was quick to refute the speculation, saying that the company would "never" use the letter "i" on an M car.

However, BMW recently announced it will drop the letter "i" from its gas-powered vehicles, which denotes fuel injection. Instead the letter "i" will be used for EVs, which means we should see models like i320, i330, and i340 preceding the electric M3.

What Will It Look Like?

BMW M3 Electric Rendering

BMW M3 Electric Rendering

BMW previewed the new platform with the Vision Neue Klasse concept. The sedan featured a fresh design language with a broad, illuminated kidney grille encompassing the headlights and slim taillight housings at the back.

Its long hood and short rear deck looked sporty enough for the sedan, but it’s unclear how much of the concept’s styling will carry over to production. The new platform certainly allows the company to reset its styling ethos. Either way, we expect BMW M to differentiate the M3 from the i3 with unique wheels, fascias, and interior trim.

This rendering imagines what the electric BMW M3 could look like, with a more aggressive "grille," larger diffusers front and rear, and additional sporty accents in line with the current gas M3.

What Platform Will It Ride On?

BMW Vision Neue Klasse Concept

The electric BMW M3 will ride on the Neue Klasse platform, BMW’s latest vehicle architecture designed specifically for battery-electric vehicles. It integrates the batteries into the car’s structure, which features an 800-volt architecture and fast charging at up to 270 kilowatts. It can accommodate battery sizes from 75.0 to 150.0 kilowatt hours, which can add up to 30 miles of range per minute when charging.

The new underpinnings will also bring about the automaker’s sixth-generation electric drive technologies and new cylindrical batteries with up to 30 percent more range than today’s BMW EVs. They will also be up to 50 percent cheaper than the current fifth-generation batteries and should lower the charging times from 10 to 80 percent by around 30 percent.

What Will Power It?

BMW Neue Klasse Dash Screen HUD

The electric M3 will have four electric motors and all-wheel drive, one at each wheel. While the Neue Klasse platform can make up to one megawatt of power—or 1,341 horsepower—it’s unclear if the automaker will unlock all that potential for this particular M model.

The gas-powered BMW M3, which should remain on sale alongside its electrified sibling for a few more years, makes 473 horsepower in its most basic form. The latest rumors suggest that the electric M3 will make around 700 hp, with the company planning regular and Competition variants.

BMW is also considering developing a dual-motor, rear-wheel-drive variant that’ll deliver a different driving experience. It might also make an electric M3 wagon, but we’ll have to wait for the potent new lineup.

When Will It Debut?

BMW still has to reveal the Neue Klasse-based 3 Series sedan and the iX3 crossover, neither of which will arrive until 2026. The electric M3 will debut sometime after the standard sedan breaks cover, giving us our first look at what the battery-powered M3 could actually look like.

When Will It Go on Sale?

Performance fans will have to wait for this one to arrive. BMW’s first Neue Klasse model will be the iX3 crossover and the i3 sedan, which is supposed to begin production next year. Those should go on sale in the US sometime in 2026, which puts the electric M3 reaching dealers sometime in 2027.

How Much Will It Cost?

2025 BMW M3 Grille

If the electric M3 will "beat everything" as BMW claims, it might have a price that reflects those aspirations. However, it’s too early to know for sure. The entry-level 2024 BMW M3, with the 473-hp, twin-turbocharged inline-six engine, starts at $76,995 (all prices include the $995 destination charge). The 503-hp M3 Competition costs $81,195.

The possibility of the electric M3 making over 1,000 hp would put it on par with today’s gas-powered supercars and in competition with other EVs like the aging Tesla Model S Plaid, which currently costs $89,380 and makes 1,020 hp. But that seems like a stretch for the new M3 right out of the gate. BMW is likely reserving that amount of power for something even more special.

The most powerful EV in BMW’s lineup today is the 2024 i7 M70 sedan, which delivers up to 650 hp. It also costs $169,495 compared to the i5 M60, which starts at $85,095 and makes 593 hp. Those numbers can’t predict the future, but they do show how attainable horsepower can be in an EV, so there is the real possibility that the ultimate M3 with 700 hp could cost around $100,000 or less to start. We’ll have to wait and see.

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