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Our guest is Brad Hansen this week. We plan to start with some news coverage and then transfer to some other conversation.

This week, Hyundai launched its newly refreshed Sonata with an overhauled nose and a light strip where you used to find the headlights. Lamborghini premiered the Revuelto to replace the Aventador after over a decade on the market. Chevrolet announced the Camaro was going away once again. Although, the brand said the nameplate will return in the future.

Gallery: Lamborghini Revuelto

In addition to this news, Hansen will share with us his recent trip to check out some of Elvis' cars. The King's collection of automobiles is quite impressive. 

We are also doing a cheap car challenge. Hansen is a Radwood enthusiast, which is a group with a passion for vehicles from the 1980s and '90s. The goal this time is to find a vehicle appropriate for that event at a price point below $8,000. Given the growing popularity of these models and inflation, it's becoming increasingly hard to find a relatively inexpensive machine like this.

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