The team is scattered all over the globe. Even here in the US, we have editors in Los Angeles, a couple in Detroit, folks in Florida, Ohio, and more. And, we all love talking about what we're driving. The Test Car Happy Hour every Friday at 4:00 PM Eastern (1:00 PM Pacific) is where we kick off the weekend with a face-to-face digital car meet. You can be part of the conversation by joining us during the show on FacebookTwitter, or YouTube. Your comments automatically go into our streaming feed where we can see, share, and respond to them.

This week, Editor-in-Chief Seyth Miersma, Managing Editor Brandon Turkus, and InsideEVs Senior Editor Tom Moloughney are on the show. All of them have been driving Rivian vehicles recently.

Miersma had the R1T electric pickup. Given that he has young kids, his perspective should be intriguing. We know about the truck's ability to tow and off-road, but he can tell us how it works as a family vehicle.

Turkus drove both the R1T and R1S electric SUV recently. We look forward to hearing about how they compare. Does the enclosed rear section make the utility vehicle more usable? Or does having a cargo bed give the pickup the edge?

Moloughney has been putting the R1T through its paces recently. He recently took the truck on a 200-mile drive from New Jersey to Vermont in freezing temperatures. He also tested how long it required to charge using several methods.

A major reason we do the Test Car Happy Hour every week is to answer your questions. Join us during the stream and let our talented editors share their experiences with you. They're ready to help you.

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