Our last report on HydroDiesel+ showed you what this fuel could do in extreme conditions like the Pikes Peak International Climb. Spoiler alert: it did well, setting the event's fastest pace this year for diesel-powered vehicles. 

While that demonstration occured over a scant 12 and a half minutes, the company behind HydroDiesel+, TRILLION, is back with even more evidence of its fuel's potential, this time showing off its long term endurance during a 7,500-mile road trip around the entire USA.

TRILLION is close to closing out a public crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine.com/TRILLION.

The trip is already underway with two drivers each putting in eight hours of driving per day. The rig they're piloting is an International 4300 DT466 powered by a diesel 7.6-liter turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine. The truck's completely stock since using HydroDiesel+ requires no engine modifications, and because HydroDiesel+ pumps aren't yet found on every street corner, it's loaded with 14,000 pounds of the fuel to use on its journey. 

Speaking of the journey, the team is half way through their route, having started in Houston, Texas and traveled west through New Mexico, Arizona, turning north through California, Oregon, Washington, and then heading east through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota. TRILLION has even set up real-time GPS tracking of the team's location, which you can view here

Gallery: HydroDiesel+ Around The USA Road Trip

So far the truck has been averaging a relatively impressive 7.1 miles per gallon despite the extra weight of the fuel and crossing the Rocky Mountains... twice. Better fuel economy is just one of the benefits that HydroDiesel+ provides. Others include lower costs, significant emissions reduction, increased engine output, and reduced health effects on humans and animals from air pollution. 

How do they do it? It sounds impossible, but TRILLION has developed a water-in-diesel-fuel nanoemulsion technology that infuses a nanometer-sized water chemical solution inside diesel fuel droplets. The process even displaces a certain amount of diesel, so the amount of fuel required falls by 20 percent but the total volume expands to 125 percent.  

TRILLION is close to closing out a public crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine.com/TRILLION. There's still time for you to help disrupt the fuel industry by becoming an early investor. Visit the company's StartEngine raise page for more information.

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