If you enjoy the wind in your hair, dirt beneath your tires, the great outdoors and a challenge, then off-roading may be for you. And if you know Chloe Kuo from her successful YouTube channel, you know that hitting the snowy, sandy, rocky or good old fashioned dirt trails in her ‘19 Tacoma and ‘92 Land Cruiser is just where you’ll find her enjoying the weekends.

“Off-roading just gives me this feeling of freedom,” says Kuo: a statement that resonates with so many off-roading enthusiasts.

Kuo admits that she doesn’t really need much of a reason to head out toward the nearest off the grid escape, because for her, offroading isn’t just a passion she shares with her close friends and family, but with the entire community she’s created through her YouTube channel. “I’ve met so many of my friends that meet up with me every single weekend to go on the trails or go camping or adventuring and that’s what I absolutely love about off-roading,” she says. “That’s the number one thing - the people. It’s a great way to bond.”

And while it’s fun to see the sites and conquer the obstacles on the road, Chloe’s big on spreading the word to those that subscribe to the channel that they need to maintain best safety practices, as well. “Before I go off-roading I make sure I’m prepared with all my recovery equipment because you always have to think the worst can happen. So I have my jacks, my traction board, and my tire inflator because those are essentials on the trails.”

But sage advice for off-roading isn’t the only information Kuo’s followers look to her for. She really encourages those looking to explore off-roading as a hobby to learn about their vehicle first. Since she too was once a beginner in the community when she started creating content, she hopes that her educational videos are helpful to others looking to expand their passion for trucks and dirt roads.

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Another prominent feature to Kuo’s channel is vehicle maintenance on her Tacoma and Land Cruiser. “Having a routine maintenance schedule and actually sticking to it is going to extend the life of your vehicle and save you a lot of money in the long run, and that’s something I’ve been really adamant about in all my vehicles.” In her videos, she breaks down everything from oil changes, to simple modifications and from performance enhancements to footage from her adventures.

“Using a fuel additive like Techron® to make sure your vehicle is well-maintained and will last a long time,” Kuo says, is one of her favorite maintenance steps for added protection. “The Complete Fuel System Cleaner is so so easy to use and I pour it into my nearly empty gas tank about once a season and I know my fuel system is protected. It’s clean. It’s clear of deposits, and it maximizes my fuel economy,” she states. “After I started using Techron High Mileage Fuel System Cleaner in my Land Cruiser with 200,000 miles on it, I started noticing that I could pass people on the highway and actually get up to speed when I wanted to.”

Techron and Havoline provide an array of products, which is perfect for someone like Chloe who has both a newer and an older vehicle which require different maintenance needs. “I use Havoline Lifelong since it’s a full synthetic oil that gives you all the performance benefits of a conventional oil, and it’s great for low mileage vehicles like my Tacoma and high mileage vehicles like my Land Cruiser.”

If you’re looking to try off-roading as your new hobby or just want to up your car maintenance game, visit www.techronclean.com or www.havoline.com to learn more about which products are right for your vehicle. And don’t forget to check out Chloe’s YouTube channel for educational how-tos, maintenance advice, and some awesome off-roading footage!

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