It’s coming, we promise. Spring is so close you can almost smell it if you can pull your face out from behind your scarf long enough. With hints of warmer weather, an outdoor enthusiast’s thoughts turn to balmy nights with conversations near the fire pit, canoeing or kayaking down that peaceful creek, hiking through untouched forests, and so much more. That also means that it’s time to start thinking about de-winterizing and waking up your RV for some epic warm weather excursions. 

You can find everything you need to get your RV prepped and ready for spring at eBay Motors, including actual RVs, in case you’re in the market for an upgrade. There are plenty of excellent, high-quality cleaning products, fun accessories, and great upgrades you can buy to make sure that this upcoming RVing season is one of your best yet. Here’s a list of everything you’ll need to get your beloved RV ready for spring.

1. Water and Plumbing Supplies

Prep For Your RV For Spring, Canada

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One of the most important things you’ll need to do is flush water through all your plumbing lines in order to clean out any antifreeze or winterizing chemicals you may have put into the system to prevent the bursting of pipes and hoses. On the outside of your RV, you want to fill your fresh water tank to about one-third full. Make sure your hot water plug is put in the hot water tank. 

Inside the RV, be sure to locate the water pump and check all hoses and intakes to make sure nothing is going to leak. Be sure to replace any questionable or damaged components. Once the water pump has pressurized, move through your RV and turn on each faucet until clear water runs out and all traces of your winterizing chemicals are gone. Be sure also to check any outdoor shower you might have. Next, check if your hot water bypass valve is turned on and fill up your hot water tank. 

2. Exterior Maintenance

Prep For Your RV For Spring, Canada

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Prepping for spring is the best opportunity to get up on the roof of your rig and check for any possible areas of damage or leaks that might need to be fixed ASAP. Be sure to look over all seams and rubber for any gaps, cracks, or tears. Nothing’s worse than snuggling up on a rainy day in your RV only to be battling annoying and damaging water leaks in the ceiling. Check seals around windshields, windows, and doors to ensure they’re intact and will keep out water, drafts, and varmints. Check and fill your tires and examine wheels and axles. Give your RV a good wash and rinse to get rid of any damaging dirt, debris, or salt from winter exposure. 

3. Interior Cleaning

Prep For Your RV For Spring, Canada

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Surprisingly, a lot can happen to the inside of your RV when it’s supposed to be shut up tight and guarded against cold weather damage. Check every nook and cranny for any evidence of opportunistic critters that have tried to make your home away from home their own. Open all the windows and vents and air out the stale stench from months of disuse. You can even lug all mattresses, cushions, and linens outside to air out and get freshened up too. Next, it’s time for deep cleaning cabinets, drawers, floors, walls, ceilings, appliances, toilets, and all that other fun stuff. There are some really effective and high-quality mold removal products on the market that will easily take care of any offensive black mold or mildew that’s built up over the winter.

Be sure to replace items you removed during the winter. Replenish your stash of cleaning supplies, repellants, batteries, and first aid supplies.

4. Check Electrical, Detectors, Extinguishers

Prep For Your RV For Spring, Canada

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Just as rodents can invade your RV living space in the winter, so too do they enjoy feasting on electrical wiring. So spring prep is a great time to check over your RV lighting, electrical wiring, heating and air conditioning systems, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers. If you’ve got a tv or satellite system for movie and tv watching on rainy days, spring cleaning is also a good time to consider upgrading or at least checking your satellite system for any damage or functionality issues. Nothing stinks worse than looking forward to a cozy day of warm, dry movie watching in your RV when conditions are cold and wet, only to find out that your satellite system is down or that your tv has crossed the rainbow bridge during the winter.

5. Upgrade and Accessorize

Prep For Your RV For Spring, Canada

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Hands down, the most fun part of de-winterizing your RV and getting it ready for spring is all the awesome upgrades and accessories you can buy to further enhance your enjoyment of the RV season. Need a new awning or privacy shade? What about an appliance upgrade? You can treat yourself to a new refrigerator, washer and dryer, oven, microwave, or whatever barely functioning appliance you’ve been limping along with for the last few seasons.

Check over your showerheads and bathroom accessories to make sure they all function in tip-top shape. Likewise, go through your kitchen accessories and get your galley fully loaded and ready for a season of finger food and potluck prep with friends. The options for pimping out and improving your rig are almost endless, including upgrading your cabinet and door hardware. Be sure to prioritize your list of wants and must-haves and set your budget before going on a crazy shopping spree, though. You know how hard it is to stop once you get going.

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