Owning a sports car is as much about speed as it is personalization, so it’s no wonder that eBay Motors has a practically infinite selection of parts and accessories for the iconic Nissan Z car. With the seventh-generation Nissan Z about to launch, here are the five best parts to check out on eBay Motors for past generations of this iconic Japanese sports car.

Performance Exhaust 

5 Best Nissan Z Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Shop for Nissan Z performance exhaust on eBay Motors.

A performance exhaust system might be the most ubiquitous upgrade you could add to a sports car, but such an upgrade is far more than just throwing a coffee-can muffler on the car. Adding a performance exhaust increases performance by allowing the engine to exhale better, and this can be accomplished with an affordable cat-back exhaust system or a full exhaust swap that upgrades the headers, uses larger-diameter tubing, and adds less restrictive catalytic converters and mufflers. Either way you go, a performance exhaust system will improve the performance by letting the engine breathe easier, and as an added benefit, it will also give the car a sportier exhaust note.

Short Shifter

5 Best Nissan Z Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Shop for Nissan Z short shifter on eBay Motors.

Any generation of the Nissan Z car is best enjoyed with a manual transmission, but the experience gets even better when an aftermarket short shifter is added into the mix. As its name suggests, a short shifter replaces the factory shift lever with a shorter throw making it quicker and easier to pound through the gears. Even though a short shifter might be the most intense upgrade on this list, it’s definitely the best bang for the buck as it helps to improve the overall sportiness of the Z. 

Brakes / Suspension

5 Best Nissan Z Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Shop for Nissan Z brakes and suspension parts on eBay Motors.

The Nissan Z is already a capable sports car right off the assembly line, but adding performance brakes and suspension components will help shave precious seconds off the car’s lap times. From larger calipers to drilled and slotted rotors, eBay Motors has a wide variety of upgraded brake components available to improve braking performance. Likewise, there is also an incredible selection of suspension parts, including adjustable coilovers, designed to maximize the Z’s handling capabilities. 

Carbon Fiber Parts

5 Best Nissan Z Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Shop for carbon fiber parts on eBay Motors.

Carbon fiber was developed for the racing world as a way to lower weight without sacrificing strength and safety, and as carbon fiber parts have become more affordable and more mainstream, such components can improve the car’s overall styling even if weight reduction isn’t necessary. For recent generations of the Nissan Z, you can find an abundance of exposed carbon fiber components for both the interior and exterior. On the outside, you can get everything from a carbon fiber bumper, hood, and spoiler, and the selection of interior carbon fiber pieces is even more vast. 

LED Side Marker Lights

5 Best Nissan Z Parts To Buy On eBay Motors

Shop for LED lights on eBay Motors.

eBay Motors has an endless supply of LED lighting options, but these LED side marker lights for the 370Z add an interesting touch of customization. In place of the factory “Z” logo turn signals mounted just behind the front wheels, these turn signals feature LED illumination of the iconic logo rather than the basic backlit design that comes from the factory. These lights are easy to swap out and provide an extra dose of visual impact especially on the lights that have sequential illumination.

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