It's podcast time! This week look at the latest automotive news and take a listening suggestion for a segment idea. Plus, we dedicate quite a bit of time to answering a question from an enthusiast who is seeking advice.

We start things off with a discussion of the polarizing BMW XM concept. Neither host loves the exterior styling, but Bruce likes it more than Smith.


We also debate whether or not this is a major progression in BMW's styling language. Again, Bruce thinks the XM is a big step forward, while Smith is less convinced. 

We agree that the interior is wild, though. The mix of a blue headliner, turquoise rear seats, green floors, and brown leather front chairs boggles the brain when you look too long. 

Next, we focus on the Genesis G90, and there's more consensus. For the most part, the exterior styling looks great. Although, the way that the roof attaches to the rear pillar is somewhat awkward. Unfortunately, we have no details about the interior design or powertrain at this time.

Gallery: Hennessey Project Deep Space

The final debut is the Hennessey Project Deep Space. It's is a six-wheeled, electric hyper GT that currently only exists in two drawings. Inside, there is seating for four in a 1+2+1 arrangement. The person in the very back is the VVIP, which stands for "Very Very Important Person." We couldn't make this up if we tried. 

A listener named Tim from Cincinnati, Ohio, sends us a question about how to be a car enthusiast on a budget. He would like to own the latest and greatest models like a C8 Corvette or Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS, but they're out of his price range. The podcast hosts have slightly different advice, but the general idea comes down to finding your own way to have a good time.

Finally, we pick automakers that no longer exist and explain why they deserve to return. We plan on doing fun segments like this for the rest of the month while the pace of automotive news slows down because of the holidays.

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