It's podcast time! This week Brett T. Evans and Clint Simone are our guests to talk about producing the Motor1 Star Awards. In the middle of the show, Bruce and Smith do shots of hot sauce in celebration of meeting our subscriber goal.

The Star Awards brought together's editorial and video teams in Santa Clarita, California, to evaluate 17 vehicles across 8 categories. The machines for evaluation had to be new or significantly updated and already received a high score in our regular testing.


We break down the contenders and eventual winners in each class. The team had to select the best model in terms of value, luxury vehicle, EV, performance vehicle, adventure vehicle, truck, family vehicle, and editors' choice.

Brett and Clint also give us some glimpses behind the scenes. For example, deciding the best performance vehicle was quite contentious. One editor did lap after lap to compare the Volkswagen GTI against the BMW M3. This person cast the tie-breaking vote to give the win to the GTI.

Also, the Ford F-150 hybrid with the 7.2-kilowatt Pro Power Onboard system was extremely helpful in producing this series. Clint loved that it was possible to plug in lots of equipment for making all of the videos for the Star Awards. Plus, the truck was still rugged enough to take off-road during the adventure vehicle testing.

And yes, you get to watch Bruce and Smith do shots of hot sauce. We asked our watchers on YouTube to get us 20 more subscribers in two weeks. We easily beat that goal, so we kept our promise.

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