It's podcast time! We start this episode with a look at two of the biggest debuts in the past week. Then, it's time for a car-shopping challenge.

We spent the last episode speculating about the joint announcement of a vehicle debut from Toyota and Subaru. Unfortunately, the most obvious vehicle had an unveiling. It was a new 86.

Like the first generation, the latest 86 is largely identical to the new BRZ. Mechanically, they are the same, and the interiors are very similar. The major differentiating factor is the styling at the front end and rear.


Speaking of mostly similar vehicles, we also discussed the newly unveiled GMC Hummer EV SUV. As the name implies, it takes the upcoming electric pickup and encloses the cargo bed. The SUV also has a 9-inch shorter wheelbase and is 20 inches shorter overall. This means there is less room for batteries and lower power.

Finally, Smith and I decided it was time to do some car shopping. We had to find vehicles for sale near us that we would buy, that we'd want a friend to purchase in order to borrow from them, and one to avoid at all costs. None of these machines could cost more than $5,000.

We found an impressive bunch of affordable vehicles. Jaguar was very well represented, but American and German marques got some attention,too.

Rambling About Cars Mustang Episode Preview

Ford Mustang expert John Clor will be our guest next week to coincide with National Mustang Day on April 17. He's among the most knowledgable Mustang historians on the planet and is a frequent speaker at events focused on the iconic model. If there is anything you want to know about the pony car, send us a question at to share with Clor.

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