It's podcast time! writer Matthew Crisara is an avid sim racer, so naturally, we spend quite a bit of time talking video games this week. For the second segment, we each select a vehicle that deserves more respect, and it turns out we have some strong opinions about each person's choice.

In terms of video game genres, an accurate simulation of racing is fairly young. The computing power simply wasn't available to the average person until the very late 1980s and really the 1990s for a game to really be considered a "sim." These experiences were almost entirely on PCs, and console gamers had to wait quite a bit longer.


With this in mind, we discuss some of the early proto-sim arcade games like 1982's Pole Position and 1989's Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road. Then, the talk moves into modern racing simulations and Crisara's experience with them.

We kept our selections for unappreciated cars secret before revealing them to each other during the recording. To tease them, Crisara picks a supercar from the 1990s. Bruce chooses a Swedish vehicle from the 1980s, and Smith selects an American performance machine from the 1970s.

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