The Ford Bronco earns a spot in history as one of the first fun-loving, rough-and-tumble SUVs available to the average joe. The earlier success of rivals like the Jeep CJ led Ford to develop the first-generation small Bronco, which would be powered by a smooth inline-six or a powerful V8. Over the next four generations, the Bronco became a fullsize, two-door, removable-roof SUV with room for the whole family, but it maintained its rugged persona well before being axed in 1996.

Now that the 2021 Ford Bronco is back, a whole new generation of off-road enthusiasts get to partake in its charm and become part of the culture. Available in two- or four-door body styles (and spinning off other rugged SUVs within the Bronco family), the 2021 model promises great things.

Test your knowledge of Ford's legendary off-road SUV with our crossword puzzle, and if this one's too easy, try the BMW Auto Cross or the Ferrari Auto Cross. Got an idea for another puzzle? Let us know in the comments. Good luck!

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