Few brands inspire as much fervor – and debate – as BMW, but regardless of where you stand, it’s impossible to ignore the company’s historical value. Beginning with airplane engines in 1913, the German brand moved on to producing motorcycles and then cars, creating legends like the 1602 and 2002 sports sedans, the achingly pretty 507 roadster, and the stylish E31-generation 8 Series coupe (as well as its modern counterpart). Now, you can prove your knowledge of that history, because our latest Motor1.com crossword puzzle has everything to do with the Bavarian automaker.

So if you think BMW is the ultimate expression of fun, daily-driven performance – or you think quite the opposite – try your hand at our Auto Cross and see how quickly you can solve it. If you have any other ideas for a crossword puzzle, drop them in the comments section. Good luck!

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