More people are buying used cars these days than ever. Gauging the best used car to purchase can be very tricky, since the way cars are driven (or in some cases, abused) and maintained can drastically affect both performance and reliability. Beyond that, some models hold value better than others and that can make a significant difference to your bank account if you’re planning to finance a used car for more than a couple of years.

As such, the used car market can be a minefield. The folks at regularly traverse this minefield; we’ve featured many interesting lists based on their studies and this time around the website has a comprehensive collection of the best used cars to buy in 2020. This isn’t based on performance, looks, or otherwise thrilling machines that tug on our heartstrings – iSeeCars analyzed over 20 million cars to better understand long-term reliability and depreciation. On the safety side, vehicles here have an average NHTSA rating of at least 4 out of 5.

The study chooses one vehicle from nine major automotive genres for a top pick, along with a runner-up. A deeper dive that covers specific ages and price ranges can be found at the source link below, but for our purposes, we will stick with winners in the overall list. The list touches on everything from SUVs to trucks, minivans, and passenger cars. As you’ll soon see, there’s one automaker that absolutely dominates the pack.

Before jumping into the slideshow, any guesses as to which company that is?

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