The cheapest one costs the same as the average the home in the U.S.

Yes, if you have to ask what a Lamborghini costs, you probably can’t afford it. That said, inquiring minds and optimistic lottery players may be curious to what extent these Italian powerhouses might dent one’s fortune. The current lineup consists of the low-slung and decidedly exotic Aventador and Huracan sports cars, and the recently added Urus sport-utility vehicle for high-performance people-moving. As is Lamborghini’s custom, all three are named for famed fighting bulls. According to company lore, its founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, was a lover of bulls and born under the sign of Taurus (a bull is also featured on the brand’s logo).

We’ve compiled pricing for Lamborghini’s lineup (and even a few one-offs), including comfort, convenience, and performance-enhancing options, as well myriad custom paint and interior trim treatments for customization. All "fully loaded" prices include all available options (or the higher priced alternatives if there's a choice), the manufacturer’s destination charge and, where applicable, the federal gas-guzzler tax.