The team at is always trying to keep our readers up to date with the most interesting events happening in the automotive world, and that doesn't just mean the news. We are also constantly keeping an eye out for fascinating or funny videos that show why cars are so much fun. With 2017 coming to a close, take a look back with us at the clips that were most popular among our readers this year.

1. McLaren 720S Runs From Cops at 155 MPH

While only dating from mid-November, this clip of an inebriated guy running from the Georgia police in his McLaren 720S has become our most-viewed clip of the year. It's easy the popularity because this video has a little bit of everything. You get to witness the supercar's performance as the coupe disappears into the horizon. Then the driver makes the surprising move of actually pulling over, and the guy acts nonchalant about doing triple-digit speeds on the highway. Something makes us suspect that he might have had more than the three drinks he admitted to.

2. Chris Hemsworth Spins a Formula E Car


Chris Hemsworth played Formula-One-driver James Hunt in Rush, but the role apparently didn't help him become a skilled racer in real life. As a brand ambassador for watchmaker TAG Heuer, Hemsworth got the chance to drive a Formula E car during the race in Brooklyn, and in his brief time behind the wheel he managed to do a nice, little spin while exiting a corner.

 3. Jaguar E-Pace Does a Barrel Roll 


As a highlight to the launch of the Jaguar E-Pace crossover, the British brand earned a Guinness World Record for its new model completing the furthest ever barrel roll jump in a production vehicle. By showing the feat in slow motion, Jaguar's video made it look even more impressive.

4. Richard Hammond Crashes a Rimac Concept One 


The Grand Tour host Richard Hammond was in a terrifying crash over the summer while driving a Rimac Concept One hypercar at a Swiss hill climb. Hammond sustained a knee injury and had to spend some time in a wheelchair, but he has been able to make a successful recovery.

5. Viper Crashes Leaving Cars And Coffee


There's something gratifying about seeing immediate punishment for dumb behavior. This Viper driver tries to show off with a drift while leaving a cars and coffee event in Houston, Texas. However, things go awry, and the coupe slams into the curb, which nearly rips off a wheel.

6. Pothole Destroys a Mercedes in Slow Motion


It's fascinating to see how much punishment a car can really take, and this video pushes things to the limit. A guy cuts apart a Mercedes-Benz E-Class, and puts what's left of the sedan through the hardest driving imaginable. In slow motion, the result is beautiful to watch.

7. Lewis Hamilton Scares Interviewer During Lap of Sepang


Motoring journalist Rosanna Tennant got the ride of her life when she interviewed Lewis Hamilton in Malaysia. The 2017 Formula One Champion was behind the wheel of a Mercedes-AMG GT, and he made sure to show off its performance while speaking with Tennant.

8. Ford RS200 Crashes During Goodwood Festival of Speed


It's rare to see a Ford RS200 Evolution 2 pushing hard on a course. Unfortunately, the driver of this one at the Goodwood Festival of Speed went too far and slid the rear end into the hay bales. There was good news, though, because the owner was able to repair the damage, and he had the car back at the hill climb the next day.

9. McLaren 720s Races Hypercars at Thunderhill Raceway 


The McLaren 720S is one of the hottest hypercars on the market. This video shows that it's a performance powerhouse by pitting the new coupe against vehicles like a Ferrari F12 TDF, Porsche 918 Spyder, and Bugatti Chiron.

10. The Legend of the Unrecoverable Toyota Supra


This final video tells the fascinating story of an abandoned Toyota Supra on a Japanese mountain. The car is now buried in leaves, and it's an amazing discovery that leaves you wanting to know more about the forgotten coupe's story.

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