Did you ever have someone tell you a car was just nuts and bolts? Should that ever happen again, you have the legal right to give them the coldest stare imaginable, possibly followed up with less legal measures that we’ll leave to your discretion.


We say this because the 10 cars featured below are the most expensive cars to ever be sold at auction, and they're certainly more than nuts and bolts to the people who bought them. Mind you, these are just known and confirmed auction prices – in 2013 a widely publicized private sale of a 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO went down for an unconfirmed price of $52 million. Last November another Ferrari GTO was offered up with a $56 million price tag.

These Vehicles Are Expensive Too:

The 10 cars on this list amount to over $268 million worth of “just nuts and bolts.” For the record, that’s enough coin to buy a 40-acre Caribbean island, build a runway, and create your own private air force with a fleet of retired Russian fighter jets. All things considered, we’d rather have the cars. Once you see this list you’ll understand why.

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