2018 Audi SQ5 Review: 'S' Is For...?

– Los Angeles, California

“The single biggest argument against the SQ5 in this space, to my mind, is that the basic Q5 is just so dang good already.” I can’t stop thinking about that line from Seyth Miersma’s First Drive of the SQ5 earlier this year. Driving through Los Angeles in my Daytona Gray SQ5, there’s nothing to complain about – it’s powerful, rides well, has a super comfy interior, and has plenty of room for my friends and some new furniture for my apartment. But all of those same qualities are true of the normal Q5, a luxury crossover I really, really like. So if I’m not frequently blasting along back roads or digging deep into the wealth of power from this turbocharged engine, is there a strong enough incentive to go S?