Detroit, Michigan

Even as buyers flock in droves toward the lure of high-riding crossovers, midsize sedans account for a huge share of the new-car marketplace. More spacious and sometimes better equipped than entry-level compacts, they’ve long been the go-to choice for family buyers who don’t need or want to move up to an SUV.

The Honda Accord has traditionally been the go-to choice in the segment, making its name for itself as solid, dependable transportation wrapped up in a sensible three-box wrapper. Like every version before it, the 2017 Honda Accord aims to please every driver, every time. And this Touring model aims to bring some style into the equation, too, while its optional V6 engine packs more punch than a Ford Focus ST. For a closer look at how the latest version of Honda’s venerable midsize sedan stacks up against its competition, check out our latest Why Buy?

Honda Accord

Engine 3.5L V6
Output 278 Horsepower / 252 Pound-Feet
Transmission 6-Speed Automatic
Efficiency 21 City / 33 Highway / 25 Combined
As-Tested Price $35,665
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