Detroit, Michigan

The Land Rover Discovery has worn many badges in the U.S. market – LR3 from 2004-2009 and LR4 from then until 2016 – but its mission has always been the same: go anywhere ably, comfortably, and with a dash of British style. The new 2017 Land Rover Discovery, however, aims for a slightly broader appeal.

More well-rounded both literally, in terms of its wind-cheating design, and figuratively, in terms of its greater focus on road-going comfort, today’s Discovery is perhaps the model’s most focused attack yet on the luxury-crossover market. At the same time, Land Rover hasn’t given up on its brand image: how many other three-seat family vehicles can ford three feet of water?

The 2017 Land Rover Discovery is thus tasked with being more family-friendly and everyday-usable than ever before, while still maintaining the Disco’s famed abilities beyond the end of paved roads. See how the new crossover manages those tasks as we put the Discovery to the test in our latest Why Buy?

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Land Rover Discovery

Engine 3.0-Liter Turbodiesel V6
Output 254 Horsepower / 443 Pound-Feet
Transmission 8-Speed Automatic
Efficiency 21 City / 26 Highway / 23 Combined
As-Tested Price $66,945
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