Lamborghini is issuing a recall for the Urus SUV because the hood could fly open or detach from the vehicle. The recall, which includes the 2023-2024 Urus Performante and Urus S models, affects 2,133 vehicles, but the automaker believes just two percent have the defect.

The issue lies with the hood latch striker rivets. Lamborghini discovered that the rivet studs that secure the striker to the vehicle may have insufficient deformation due to an inconsistent manufacturing process at a supplier.

At speeds above 94 miles per hour, the issue could allow small gaps to form between the hood and front bumper. The increased airflow can over-stress the latch mechanism, causing it to fail. The hood could snap back, obscuring the driver’s view and damaging the windshield. The hood could also completely detach from the vehicle, causing a hazard for other drivers on the road.

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Lamborghini first learned of a potential issue last August. It had received two warranty claims in Europe about the Urus’s hood and fender being misaligned, so it launched an investigation with the supplier. The automaker couldn’t find any additional cases and worked with its supplier to improve the manufacturing process.

Fast-forward to February, when an Urus in Indonesia suffered a complete detachment of the hood at a high speed. Lamborghini launched another inquiry and discovered the latch’s defective rivet studs.

Lamborghini will begin notifying affected customers in late June and early July. It'll instruct owners to take their SUVs to a dealer for an inspection. To fix the issue, the automaker could repair the hood, install a striker support plate, or both. The supplier began building more robust parts for Lamborghini to use in early February.

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