Volkswagen announced Wednesday it has delayed the launch of its all-electric ID.7 sedan in the United States and Canada, citing changing market conditions.

"Volkswagen is committed to making market-driven choices while listening to our customers," the company said in a statement released this morning. "As market dynamics continue to change, Volkswagen is delaying the introduction of the ID.7 sedan in the U.S. and Canada."

2024 Volkswagen ID.7 First Drive Review

The ID.7 sedan has been on sale in Europe since last year. Originally expected to reach our shores in 2024, it's about the size of the now-discontinued Passat. Available battery packs include a 77.0-kilowatt-hour unit good enough for about 300 miles of range, and a bigger 86.0-kilowatt-hour pack set to be released later down the line. In February, the company added a wagon body style to the lineup.

VW's been mum on U.S. pricing, but the ID.7 was expected to start at around $50,000 for the base rear-drive version.

We called the ID.7 "just okay" in our first drive review published in November. While the car didn't stand out in any particular way, its smooth and quiet demeanor made it an appealing choice for those wanting an all-electric Accord or Camry alternative. 

2024 Volkswagen ID.7 First Drive Review

Volkswagen did not give a new timeline for the ID.7's entry into North American markets, saying only that it's experienced a 27.5-percent growth in sales through the first quarter of 2024, bolstered primarily by its SUVs.

The ID.7's delay comes at a time when market demand for electric cars seems to be dwindling. A lack of truly affordable options and struggles associated with charging infrastructure and charging times mean the buyer base just isn't there. So it's not terribly surprising Volkswagen decided to put the brakes on the ID.7's launch.

The German automaker isn't totally giving up on EVs, though. It still plans to launch the ID. Buzz, its fully electric, Microbus-inspired van, in the fourth quarter of 2024. 

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