At last year's Tokyo Auto Show, Honda surprised everyone by revealing the Honda Prelude Concept. The company has already confirmed it'll eventually produce the two-door hybrid coupe, and a new report from Best Car Web provides an insight into the car's alleged powertrain details, dimensions, and Japanese price.

We already know it'll have a hybrid powertrain, which the chief engineer Tomoyuki Yamagami said would serve as a "prelude" to Honda's future electric vehicles. Best Car believes it'll have the same 2.0-liter four-cylinder e:HEV engine that powers the Accord and Civic hybrids, making a bit more than both with a combined 207 horsepower. The last Prelude in 2001 made 200 hp in the US.

Honda Prelude Concept At Japan Mobility Show

The Prelude will supposedly measure 169.3 inches long, 70.5 inches wide, and 51.2 inches tall with a 101.4-inch wheelbase. That makes it bigger than the two-seat Mazda MX-5 Miata at 154.1 inches long, which isn't surprising, and nearly identical to the Toyota GR86 in size with matching wheelbases.

Honda is reportedly positioning it as a premium model positioned above the two-door Toyota. It'll apparently cost ¥4.2 to ¥4.5 million ($27,325 at $29,277 today’s exchange rate) in Japan, more than the ¥2.9- to ¥3.6-million ($18,867 to $23,422) GR86, but it’s best to the the publication’s report with a big grain of salt as its past reports haven’t always been accurate. 

Model Length  Wheelbase Width Height
Mazda Miata 154.1 in.  90.9 in.  68.3 in.  48.6
Toyota GR86 167.9 in. 101.4 in. 69.9 in. 51.6 in.
Honda Prelude 169.3 in. 101.4 in. 70.5 in. 51.2 in
Ford Mustang 189.4 in. 107.0 in. 75.4 in.  55.0 in.

The Prelude isn't expected to arrive until the second half of 2025, and it won't be the "sportiest, zippiest car" in the world, so temper your track-day expectations. It is also unclear whether Honda plans to sell it in the United States. The automaker is developing the Prelude in both left- and right-hand-drive configurations, so there's a chance we might get it here, but nothing is official.

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