The first victory for the legendary Audi Quattro rally car came at the Sanremo Rally in 1981, courtesy of Michèle Mouton. One of the most successful rally drivers of all time, Mouton was recently a guest on the DirtFish rally schools YouTube channel to discuss one of her most iconic victories at the Acropolis Rally in 1982. Normally we're not a fan of reactlord videos, but when Michèle Mouton is the one providing the commentary on one of her achievements, it's a different story. 

Mouton's victory came early in the life of the Audi Quattro, which would go on to be one of the most successful rally cars of all time. By 1985 it had evolved into the legendary S1 E2, the most iconic iteration of the vehicle.

The French rally driver remembers a lot about the various stages and the drivers who participated, especially one very embarrassing part: Mouton's parents came to watch the rally on the sidelines, and on the very corner where they were standing, she spun. According to her, they can even be seen in the video looking on. 

She doesn't say much about the car itself, but obviously, the Audi was dominant. Mouton came second in the 1982 championship behind only Walter Rohrl, who was not only likewise driving an Audi Quattro but is considered by many to be the greatest rally driver ever.

The video is definitely worth a watch just to get Mouton's perspective. She's extremely humble, noting she knew nothing about motorsport before she started driving. In her mind, most people can get into it, including other young women. If she can do it, she says, anyone can.

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