The top speed of a vehicle is usually limited by stuff like power and drag, rather than gearing. Thanks to a pair of turbochargers, this Lamborghini Huracán Performante is able to overcome its factory limitations and reach the maximum potential allowed by its gearing. And it has a lot of potential.

Thanks to AutoTopNL, we can see exactly how much speed the Lamborghini's gears will allow when given enough power. They recently jumped into a twin-turbo Huracán and headed for the German Autobahn to find out. It turns out, the answer is 225.5 mph, or 363 kph for those who prefer kilometers. However you like your speed readouts, it's fast. Like, insanely fast.

For the record, yes this was done on a public road and yes, it was an unrestricted section of autobahn meaning there isn't a speed limit. The video doesn't offer details about the conditions, but judging by the sky it looks like an early morning sprint. There's practically zero traffic on the road, so we'll leave any discussion of wisdom or ethics up to you. Frankly, if we had a 1,250-horsepower Lambo with clear roads and no speed limits, we'd stretch its legs too.

The speed is certainly bonkers, but the acceleration is arguably more impressive. The first hard pull of the video comes at the 3-minute mark, sending the Huracán from 90 to 240 kph (56 to 149 mph) in just under six seconds. The top speed run is even better – starting from the same 90 kph, it takes 15.6 seconds to see 363 kph (225 mph) briefly flash on the digital readout. That's just shy of 9,000 rpm per the rev counter, and it sounds glorious the whole time.

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With an extra gear, it's not hard to see this Lamborghini reaching 230 or possibly 240 mph, seeing as it was still accelerating when it reached its top speed. But as it stands, 225 mph is the absolute limit for a Huracán Performance.

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