Dramatic video out of New Mexico published to social media on Monday shows the moment a truck driver smashed into a gas pump and destroyed a station while reportedly having a seizure behind the wheel. Thankfully no one was killed, and the driver reportedly walked away with just minor injuries.

A video from extrezionx on TikTok captured the entire event through a dash cam. Taken in front of a Speedway gas station in the small town of La Plata, the footage has an eerie Final Destination vibe to it. The clip contains some strong language so be advised before you click the play button. Considering this crash happens directly in front of the camera, a few F-bombs are certainly understandable.


As the camera nears the station, we see headlights of a pickup truck approaching in the distance. The date and time stamp on the video reads February 4 at approximately 8:42 pm local time. All seems normal until the headlights suddenly veer towards the station without any indication of slowing down. Pausing the video just before impact tells us the truck is a first-generation GMC Sierra, built from 1999 through 2007.

Unpausing it shows the pickup's fiery demise as it crashes through the fuel pump and support beam for the roof, causing it to collapse just as spilled gasoline bursts into flames. As far as we can tell, the driver of the GMC never touched the brakes, which may have actually helped in this instance. Had the impact happened at a slower speed, the truck may have been caught under the collapsed canopy, trapping it there in the flames. Instead, the Sierra continues out-of-frame and comes to rest near a tree, as seen in a follow-up video from extrezionx.

An unconfirmed report from Storyful claims the GMC's driver was a woman who suffered a seizure, leading to the crash. That report also states she had just minor injuries as a result. The San Juan County Sheriff's Department responded to the incident; we contacted their office for comment and confirmed the crash took place but additional details were unavailable. When more information comes in we'll be sure to update this article.

From our vantage point, this crash could have ended much worse. Stay safe out there folks.

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