The world of car creativity knows no bounds. All manner of strange creations can be found on the internet, but the especially weird stuff always exists in the classified sections. It’s where dreams, like this manual transmission 2015 Dodge Ram 4500 with a custom 14-foot bed for sale, go to die.

This truck is quite the spectacle, built from a generic cab-and-frame truck usually meant for fleet uses like a flatbed or a box truck. Instead, seller Jason Arbuckle stretched a 2500 dually bed to fit the extra-long chassis to make his creation, complete with the license plate “STR88CH.” According to the listing, Arbuckle bought the truck with just 197 miles and has driven it to 54,000 miles, most with the ultra-long bed.

Gallery: Stretched Ram 4500

But let’s be real. The best part of this brodozer is the photo proof that a Honda Acty kei truck fits comfortably in the bed. Or the massive swimming pool in the pickup bed. Or the insane workbox setup that still retains half of the bed length for Truck Stuff. And the fact that it’s a 4500 Cummins with a manual gearbox makes this a highly specific truck for a connoisseur of Truck Stuff. Sure, it’s a ridiculous object to own, park, and be seen in. But it commits to the bit.

Unfortunately, the miles weren’t kind to the Cummins diesel engine, which has developed a rod knock. Arbuckle is firm on his $20,000 asking price for the truck despite the blown engine, and says he’ll keep it if he can save the cash to repair the truck. But if you’re willing to pony up some hefty cash for a bizarre limo truck as a fixer-upper, look no further.

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