Fake images of the Tesla Model Y "Juniper" are making the rounds, and Volkswagen's ID electric cars are now more affordable in Europe.

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No, This Isn't The Tesla Model Y "Juniper"


With Tesla now shipping the 2024 Model 3 "Highland" to customers, the EV crowd is slowly turning its attention to the crossover equivalent. Codenamed "Juniper," the revised Model Y is expected to inherit the tweaks applied to the sedan. Ahead of its official reveal likely slated for later this year, fake images are making the Internet rounds.

How do we know these are just renderings and not the real deal? There are two glaring issues with the image showing the vehicle's rear end. One would have to be what looks like an AI-generated lettering that says "Mdoel Y." If the wonky script is easy to miss, the biggest problem is with the shutline for what should be a tailgate.

The photo suggests that Tesla is making the Model Y less practical by giving it a trunk lid. However, logic tells us it'll remain a crossover with a tailgate, so that shutline is going to be located way higher on the rear pillar. Accessing the cargo area will be done after opening the whole rear section – including the glass – not just a trunk lid as suggested here.

This looks like someone took a real image of a Model Y and applied the Model 3 Highland's rear updates without bothering to incorporate a tailgate.

The Volkswagen ID.3, ID.4, And ID.5 Are Now Cheaper In Many European Countries

2024 Volkswagen ID.3

VW Group CEO Oliver Blume said last year that the VW core brand wouldn't enter EV price wars to better face incoming competition. However, a company spokesperson has informed Automotive News Europe some of the ID models are now cheaper in parts of the Old Continent.

Price cuts are now applied to the ID.3, ID.4, and ID.5 sold in Germany, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, and France. In some countries, the pricing has been revised downward to allow customers take advantage of local subsidies on EVs. For example, the ID.3 now costs €39,990 in Norway before the €5,000 incentive. Another price cut coming early this year will drive down the asking price by a further €2,000 to €32,990 after factoring in the local EV bonus.

The ID.7 is joining the zero-emission VW lineup in Europe where the entry-level ID.2 is going to be launched next year as the brand's cheapest EV. It’s expected to cost around €25,000, with the German automaker already working on a €20,000 EV.

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