The grim reaper took away the beloved Audi R8 in 2023, but the supercar went out with a proverbial bang. The R8 GT RWD served as the swan song last year when demand for the Lamborghini Huracan’s sister model doubled in the United States.

Audi of America published full sales results for the year that just ended, revealing some interesting stats. Deliveries of the R8 shot up by 101 percent, reaching 631 cars in 2023 compared to the prior year when only 314 people bought one. Looking back in time, Audi moved 649 R8s in 2021, 581 in 2020, 574 in 2019, 927 in 2018, and 772 in 2017. 

The R8 is expected to return one day for a fully electric third generation, one that will hopefully be a success as opposed to the ill-fated R8 E-Tron. Fewer than 100 units of the electric supercar were made with an exorbitant asking price of €1 million a pop.

Year Total Annual Sales
2023 631
2022 314
2021 649
2020 581
2019 574
2018 927
2017 772

Another Audi sports car going the way of the dodo that saw its sales jump in 2023 was the TT. Recently discontinued, the Tourist Trophy enjoyed a 41-percent hike in demand last year when the Four Rings sold 725 cars in the US. Here’s how the stylish TT coupe/roadster duo fared in previous years:

Year Total Annual Sales
2023 725
2022 516
2021 986
2020 830
2019 1,324
2018 1,289
2017 2,294

But how was 2023 for Audi of America overall? It was actually a record year as shipments jumped by 22 percent to 228,550 vehicles. Demand for certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles went up by a substantial 14 percent, reaching 37,292 units.

The Ingolstadt-based luxury brand is happy to report sales of electric models also reached a record level in the United States:

Audi EV Model Total Sales In 2023
E-Tron GT 3,202
Q4 E-Tron 8,144
Q4 E-Tron Sportback 2,606
Q8 E-Tron 8,180
Q8 E-Tron Sportback 2,907
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