Rimac, the company that gained global recognition for its Nevera hypercar, is set to venture into new territory. The automaker is expanding into mass-market mobility with its Project 3 Mobility initiative.

Rimac will debut an autonomous robotaxi early this year as a pilot prototype with commercial operations planned for 2026. While specific details about the project are limited, Autocar reports that Rimac has confirmed that development of the robotaxi is being supported, in part, by Kia. Founder and CEO Mate Rimac told the publication that Rimac wants to "change the lives of more people" by providing accessible and eco-friendly urban transport.


The vehicle will reportedly have the capability to operate without human input. Rimac's comprehensive plan includes the development of supporting infrastructure such as chargers, storage hubs, and parking spaces. Mate Rimac describes the robotaxi as "a car but a completely different type."

Rimac's discreet approach to unveiling the robotaxi stems from a deliberate strategy to avoid "underdelivering." Project 3 operates as a stand-alone brand within the Rimac Group portfolio, distinct from both the high-performance supercar maker and Bugatti.

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