The Tokyo Auto Salon gives Japanese automakers and tuners a place to show off their wildest wares. Suzuki is bringing a tiny, rugged off-road concept called the Super Carry Mountain Trail to the event, and we're already in love with it.

In a translation of Suzuki's announcement, the company calls the Mountain Trail concept: "A car for active adults to enjoy the mountains in a stoic manner, it expresses a new worldview of commercial vehicles that can be used not only for business but also for fun."

Suzuki Super Carry For Tokyo Auto Salon

Suzuki Super Carry For Tokyo Auto Salon

Suzuki Super Carry For Tokyo Auto Salon

Suzuki Super Carry

The Super Carry is an extended cab version of the standard Suzuki Carry. While the company doesn't yet list all of the modifications for the Mountain Trail, just looking at it shows off many of the revisions. 

The mini truck gains a front skid plate with recovery hooks and a light bar above the windshield. It also looks to have a little winch. The standard doors are gone, with tubular pieces in their place. Inside, there are sport seats with harnesses. An external roll cage includes a storage rack on the roof. There's only a glimpse of the rear, but a fuel can and spare tire are visible. Plus, the ride height might be a bit taller than stock.

Even if there are no drivetrain changes to the concept, the Super Carry is available with enough equipment to maximize off-road traction. Buyers can get it with a part-time four-wheel drive system with high- and low-gearing settings. There's also a locking differential in case things get really slippery.

The regular Super Carry is not a particularly powerful machine, though. It comes with a naturally aspirated 658-cc three-cylinder engine making 50 horsepower and 44 lb-ft of torque. So, while you might be able to go off-road, don't expect to travel very quickly.

This year's Tokyo Auto Salon runs from January 12 through 14. We hope to get more info and pictures of the Super Carry Mountain Trail concept then. It's hauling some gear in the back that we can't get a good look at. 

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