The Japanese tuner Liberty Walk specializes in widebody kits, and its latest offering is something special for an unexpected vehicle. A new body kit for the Fiat Abarth 595 make it look straight out of a Need for Speed video game.


The kit gives the 500 Abarth an entirely new look. Up front, a new front bumper is wider than stock. It includes a splitter at the bottom, canards on the corners, and larger inlets. The pieces accentuate the new, more muscular fenders and give the nose a motorsport-inspired appearance.

The new hood makes the Liberty Walk kit appear subtly similar to the 500e's headlights by partially covering their upper edge (see below). The result is a face that looks like the little car is grimacing at you.

Liberty Walk Abarth 595 Kit
2024 Fiat 500e North American Launch Gallery

The broader fenders are the most eye-catching part of this kit. They give the hot hatch a muscular stance that the regular 595 lacks. In addition, there are broader side skirts that accentuate the brawnier appearance. 

The back features a two-plane rear wing on the roof's tip. There's no mention of whether the piece has a functional design to create downforce, but it certainly looks the part.

The story is similar for the diffuser. We can't comment on how well it works, but the piece's design fits the updated car's more aggressive appearance.

The complete Liberty Walk kit comes with six pieces and costs $15,070 in fiber-reinforced polymer or $17,050 in carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. If you don't want the whole kit, three pieces are available separately:

Part Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Price Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Price
Hood $2,970  N/A
Rear Wing $1,980  $3,080
Rear Diffuser $1,870  $2,970 

The gas-powered Fiat 500, including the Abarth variant, is no longer available in the United States, having left the company's lineup in 2019. Elsewhere, the 595 uses a turbocharged 1.4-liter four-cylinder making 165 horsepower. It can reach 62 miles per hour in 7.3 seconds with a five-speed manual or 7.4 seconds with the five-speed automatic. If you want a new 500 Stateside, you'll have to wait for the all-electric 500e to get here. There's no word if Liberty Walk will make its kit available for that car, however. 

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