The Honda Odyssey isn’t famous for being fast, but with enough power, it can be a worthy sleeper. The latest build from the BoostedBoiz YouTube channel skews the typical powertrain upgrade by swapping the body of a 2001 Odyssey onto a Tesla Model S to create one ridiculous build.

The two cars might seem like an unlikely pair, but they feature similar widths and wheelbases, presenting only a few challenges in marrying them together. One of the early hurdles was the front fender, which wasn’t as long as the one on the Honda, putting the van’s door and B-pillar in an inconvenient position that blocked the sedan’s entrance.

The video encompasses much of the planning and building process. It begins with a “measure twice, cut once” mentality by swapping the Honda body onto a burned-out Tesla Model S donor to ensure everything lines up. The video's hosts then buy another 2001 Honda Odyssey to test before marrying the chopped-up minivan and modified Tesla.

The practice pays off, and the final result is a somewhat solid one, at least from the outside. The 20-year-old Honda body fits well over the electric sedan, which most people wouldn’t expect, making it the perfect sleeper.

A lot of work still needs to be completed to make it a whole vehicle. The van has a massive gap between the dash and the base of the windshield that will need more than a metal plate covering it. It pops up during heavy acceleration, and the vehicle also lacks most of the Model S’s interior, but that’s a project for later. The minivan’s rear doors no longer slide, and a bungee cord is holding the hood down.

The "Plaidessy" is a tad sketchy but looks impressive going down the road. We hope the mismatched body panels and peeling paint stay. The fancy wheels are the only giveaway that this isn’t your typical grocery-getter. The sign of a true sleeper. 

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