We genuinely don't remember the last time there was so much hype around a new vehicle. The Cybertruck technically isn't all new when you consider Tesla first showed it four years ago. Yes, the official premiere took place on November 21, 2019. So today's event is not a reveal per se, but rather, when the first production trucks will be handed over to early adopters.


Tesla has set up a livestream on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to show all the action from today's delivery event. It's going to be held in Austin at the Gigafactory Texas where the polarizing Cybertruck is finally entering production. The design is not much of a secret, but we reckon there are some interesting details that will be uncovered later today.

This ultra-angular electric workhorse is expected to tow up to 11,000 pounds and carry 2,500 pounds on its composite bed. These are basically the only confirmed details thus far, so there's a lot we don't know about the truck yet. Single-, dual-, and tri-motor versions are expected, and there may or may not be a quad-motor flagship. Tesla supremo Elon Musk did say a performance model is planned, but he didn't reveal how many motors it's going to have.

Another big piece of the puzzle that's missing is the battery size. Estimations put the Standard Range model at 120 kilowatt-hours and the Long Range version at 160 kilowatt-hours, but these are not official numbers. The exact weight is also a mystery, although Musk did say it's anywhere between 6,000-7,000 pounds depending on the configuration.

The features Tesla promises are equally interesting, varying from a "shatter-resistant" glass to a "bullet-resistant" body. The Cybertruck is also getting a front trunk, a power tonneau cover, and a gigantic windshield wiper. Oh, and the charging port is neatly integrated into the cladding on the driver's side rear fender.

Tesla Cybertruck Live From New York

Exact dimensions are a secret but we do know the pickup with its stainless steel body will be less than 19 feet long. It's going to boast a bed that's longer than six feet. The width is believed to be 78 inches.

These past three years have been filled with rumors and speculations, but the juicy gossip ends today. Tesla is (hopefully) going to tell us all there is to know about its hugely controversial truck and finally start deliveries. The company's product design director Javier Verdura said only 10 units will be delivered at the event. That's a drop in the ocean compared to an estimated (and unconfirmed) two million preorders.

The Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Event starts at 3 PM Eastern Time.

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