The Tesla Cybertruck concept debuted in November 2019, and it's taken nearly four years for the wedge-shaped electric pickup to finally go into production. Since then, competitors have announced and even launched EV trucks in this burgeoning segment.

But the wait for the production-spec Cybertruck is finally over. The unveiling event happens tomorrow, November 30 at 3:00 PM EDT, and marks the beginning of customer deliveries. While we wait, here's everything we know about Tesla's electric pickup before the premiere. 

Gallery: Tesla Cybertruck Live From New York

It Looks A Lot Like The Concept

Generally, we have to speculate about how a vehicle looks before the debut, but that's not the case with the Cybertruck. Tesla currently has a near-production example on display at the company's showroom in New York City (gallery above), which gives us a great idea of its appearance. The overall shape is very similar to the original concept but with proper side mirrors and slightly revised lighting to be more functional in the real world. 

There's A Frunk

Tesla Cybertruck Frunk

To maximize storage, the Cybertruck's front end opens to reveal a frunk. It looks shallow but appears to have enough room for at least a soft overnight bag or some groceries. 

And There's A Power Tonneau Cover

Meanwhile, there's a power-operated tonneau cover that reveals the cargo bed at the back. Recent photos suggest there's not enough room to hold a bicycle without the bike's front wheel hanging over the tailgate.  

It's Bulletproof 

Well, sort of, because "bullet-resistant" is the proper term. On the Joe Rogan podcast, Elon Musk said the Cybertruck was able to withstand 50 rounds from a Thompson submachine gun – presumably using .45 ACP bullets. He also said it could take 9mm and shotgun rounds. Photos showed a dented Cybertruck allegedly after this testing. Joe Rogan also showed the body could take an arrow strike from a compound bow.

The Glass Is Shatter-Resistant

During the Cybertruck concept's 2019 debut, Musk infamously touted the vehicle's armored glass, only for it to shatter but not fully break. The company now says the panes in the latest promos are indeed "shatter-resistant."

There's A Cleverly Hidden Charging Port

Tesla Cybertruck Live From New York

When looking at pictures of the near-production Cybertruck, you might ask yourself, "Where does it charge?" The answer is hidden in plain sight (see above). A little panel on the driver's side rear fender cladding opens to reveal the spot for plugging in the electric truck. 

It Has A Humungous Wiper Blade

This feature isn't so hidden. A massive single wiper blade mounts to the driver's side of the windshield. We don't yet have a good look at the piece in operation, but the arc of it doesn't appear to cover the whole passenger side unless there's some clever articulation happening during the movement.

The Interior Is Very Tesla

Tesla Cybertruck Interior

Despite its unorthodox exterior, the Cybertruck has a cabin resembling other Tesla models. A large screen handling instrument and infotainment duties is prominent on the center of the dashboard. Drivers grip a steering wheel with a rectangular design.

It Can Tow 11,000 Pounds

Promotional posters show that the Cybertruck can tow 11,000 pounds. This matches the Rivian R1T and beats the Ford F-150 Lightning and GMC Hummer EV. It doesn't compare quite as well to combustion-powered pickups. For example, the Ford F-150 can pull 13,500 lbs, and the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 can do 13,300 lbs.

There's A 2,500-Pound Payload

The same posters show the Cybertruck can carry 2,500 pounds. This beats other electric and full-size pickups. 

Two Powertrains Are Coming

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration VIN decoder indicates the Cybertruck is coming with two powertrains. One would use a pair of electric motors, and the other would have three motors. No official details about their outputs are available yet.

It Has Beast Mode

A software developer discovered the animation for entering the Cybertruck's Beast Mode. According to Musk, this version gets the electric truck to 60 miles per hour in less than 3.0 seconds. If this turns out to be accurate, the vehicle could be among the quickest production pickups ever.

A Big Debut

The latest news indicates that Tesla has at least 25 Cybertrucks ready for the debut on Thursday. The company reportedly plans to deliver 10 of them to customers. Some of the rest would be for test drives during the event.

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