Next year, while you're shopping on Amazon for a case of water, a new set of headphones, and rechargeable batteries, you'll be able to add a Hyundai to your cart. The automaker has partnered with the Internet sales giant to sell its cars on the platform in 2024.

"Hyundai is the first automotive company available for full end-to-end transactions in Amazon’s US store, and this is another example of how we continue to push for ways to elevate the customer journey together with our outstanding retail partners," said President and CEO of Hyundai Motor Company Jaehoon Chang at the Los Angeles Auto Show

Here's how it'll work. Dealers will be able to list inventory on Amazon. Customers can search the site and tailor their queries by model, trim, color, and features. From there, buyers will choose their payment and financing options. After completing the sale, a person will be able to decide whether to pick up the vehicle or have the dealer deliver it.

Hyundai didn't offer any other specific details about how the vehicle purchase process through Amazon would work. We reached out to the automaker for more info.

Hyundai's relationship with Amazon will also include offering vehicles with Alexa built-in starting in 2025. The functionality will include voice controls for playing media, setting reminders, and checking calendars. Folks with Amazon's smart home equipment will be able to control it from their vehicle.

The program's announcement also notes that while Hyundai is the first brand to work with Amazon like this, it likely isn't the last: "In 2024, auto dealers for the first time will be able to sell vehicles in Amazon’s U.S. store, and Hyundai will be the first brand available for customers to purchase." 

This is a big deal and an innovative take on how to offer internet sales while still working within the traditional dealership model. It'll certainly make it easier to buy a car than having to go down to a local dealer, and it'll guarantee the dealer a price, since it's pretty impossible to negotiate for a deal on Amazon right now. 

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