We’ve read many different comments regarding the new BMW M2. Basically, everyone agrees that it is mighty fast and is one of the most capable performance vehicles money can buy today. However, not everyone likes its design, and we stumbled upon an owner of the previous generation M2 who has a lot to say about the new performance coupe.

Paul Mihai, a vivid car enthusiast from Sweden and a previous-generation M2 owner, expresses his thoughts on the M2 (G87) in a new 12-minute video on YouTube. He starts with the most debatable section – the vehicle’s design – summarizing that the car looks like someone from BMW went to Walmart and bought parts from the car tuning shelf. He admits that he understands why this car looks the way it does, but one thing he does not understand is why it has such large wheel gaps.

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However, the interior is excellent, according to Paul. Fit and finish, materials, seats – everything looks and feels exactly as you’d expect from a compact performance BMW. He even likes the dual-screen dashboard layout, which – frankly – isn’t something most people like in general, at least from what we've heard. Anything to be criticized inside the cabin? Paul says the only thing he doesn’t like is the fact that the new M2 is slightly bigger than its predecessor, yet there’s less legroom and headroom inside.

Objectively, Paul admits, it’s hard to fault the new M2 – it is properly fast, it handles great and is quite practical, too. However, he says there are at least a few things he doesn’t like. First, it is the transmission – Paul just doesn’t find the eight-speed torque converter automatic good enough for the wonderful S58 engine under the hood. He compares it with the dual-clutch ‘box of the previous M2, which he says is superior in shifting times and response. 

But the biggest problem for Paul doesn’t have anything to do with the M2’s performance. He doesn’t like the fact that the car feels almost exactly like the bigger M4 but in a smaller package. In fact, he does a quick comparison between the M2, M4, and M3 in terms of dimensions, weight, and performance numbers. “It’s the fact that it is no longer the underdog, it is no longer the smaller and nimbler M4. It is just a different-looking one.”

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