For fans of performance living in a four-season part of the world, finding a one-size-fits-all tire is always a challenge. Pirelli believes it has a solution with the P Zero AS Plus 3, billed as an ultra high performance tire that's all-season capable. It's a notable addition to the UHP segment, being completely redesigned for 2023 versus its predecessor, the P Zero All Season Plus.

To be a bit more specific, it's a notable addition for tire shoppers in North America. At the P Zero AS Plus 3 launch back in June, Pirelli stated that 94 percent of tires sold in this market are all-season rubber. That's a significant figure, and it's why the Italian-based brand spent considerable time dialing in the AS Plus 3 to give it more grip in all conditions, notably under braking. And since North America is a place where drivers can cover a lot of miles, Pirelli also worked on improving tire wear and rolling resistance.

Pirelli P Zero AS Plus 3

To accomplish all of this, the AS Plus 3 has a new tread pattern incorporating 3D sipe technology. This helps both in wet and snow conditions; Pirelli says the tire is 20 percent better with snow braking and 10 percent in the wet. As for dry braking, the tire also improves over the outgoing model with a modest 4 percent.

The tread is only one part of the equation, however. The P Zero AS Plus 3 also makes use of a new compound that enhances both grip and tire wear. The result is a 25-percent improvement in wear and a 10-percent bump in rolling resistance. And as the tire wears, Pirelli says 99 percent of AS Plus 3's overall performance is still there when the tire is half worn. It comes with a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty, and at the end of its life, the tire still has 82 percent of its performance.

Now, that's what Pirelli says but what about the real world? Tire guru and head of Tyre Reviews Jonathan Benson joined Pirelli at the tire's launch in June and found the steering response to be quite impressive. He followed that up with a comprehensive ultra high performance tire test, pitting the new P Zero AS Plus 3 against six performance-focused all-season competitors. We have his video embedded at the top of this article (set to start with the Pirelli review at the five-minute mark) but the summary is that the new Pirelli ranked near or at the top in his categories.

"The P Zero AS Plus 3 is a testament to Pirelli's focus on the North American Region and its commitment to develop products that answer to the specific needs of this market," said Pirelli North American President and CEO Claudio Zanardo. "We're confident that this tire will exceed our customers' expectations, providing a great driving experience and delivering exceptional performance in all conditions."

The P Zero AS Plus 3 is available in 31 sizes ranging from 17 to 20 inches, and it's available now.

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