Drag racing is one way to test a car’s performance capability against other vehicles. Supercars can easily lay down blisteringly quick quarter-mile times, but some people like to build their race cars. Results vary, but we have seen some fascinating creations, like the modified Volkswagen Golf MkII in the video above.

The black hood, which doesn’t fully close, and the excessive number of stickers should be your first indication that this isn’t a Volkswagen with just a mild upgrade. The front-wheel-drive car has chunky Hoosier tires attached to a mysterious diesel powertrain that offsets the car’s balance.

The video shows the Golf driver peeling out for the pre-race tire warmup, slamming on the brakes. However, the VW doesn’t come to a gentle stop. The sticky Hoosier tires wrinkled like a Top Fuel dragster, sending the car’s lightweight rear end into the air as it performed an endo.

The car had so much momentum that its front bumper helped prevent it from toppling all the way over. The car’s front wheels also appeared to have left the track, but it was brief if it did happen. After the VW scraped its bumper, it crashed back down onto all four wheels before completing its run.

The peppy Golf, which spewed black smoke during its warmup from right behind the front tires, faced off against a blue Shorty bus. The Golf rocketed away from the starting line and had a 1.74-second 60-foot time. It crossed the finish line in 14.867 seconds and appeared to beat the bus. 

It’s unclear what kind of powertrain and upgrades the Golf has, but we know it was built by Waldek Cars in Dresden, Germany. The race took place at the Santa Pod Raceway in the UK during the VW Action Show, which ran from September 1-3 and is now in its 47th year.

The modded Golf and the VW Action Show captures the breadth of the automotive community. Seeing a 30-year-old Golf almost roll forward onto its roof is not something you see every day, and it wouldn’t be possible without dedicated enthusiasts behind the wheel and in the stands.  

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