You know times are changing when three new AMG models featured in an ad have a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Mercedes' Formula 1 drivers had fun at the "Playground" by driving the all-conquering One hypercar, the C63 S E Performance and S63 E Performance sedans, and the recently unveiled AMG GT coupe. Only the latter didn't have a PHEV setup, but it too will be electrified soon. At IAA Munich, AMG is showing a V8 PHEV prototype with 800+ horsepower.

Mercedes brought not one but two AMG One hypercars with their F1-derived 1.6-liter V6 engine as part of an intricate hybrid setup. The talented British drivers had to complete a slalom test with the 1,049-hp beast fitted with a seven-speed automated manual transmission. We'll remind you it holds the title for the fastest production car at the Nürburgring and only 275 units are being produced. LH's former teammate, Valtteri Bottas, took delivery of his car a couple of months ago.

2023 Mercedes-AMG One

In the subsequent drift challenge, the seven-time F1 champ hopped behind the wheel of the new all-wheel-drive AMG GT coupe while his colleague burned rubber by driving the highly controversial four-cylinder C63. Right after picking up the keys to the cars, we can hear LH saying: "Good luck with four-wheel drive, mate!" However, his car had 4Matic as well. This isn’t the first time LH can be seen driving the 2024 AMG GT as he shot a separate promotional video not that long ago.

We then see the 38-year-old driver earning the opportunity to drive the electrified S63 after winning a game of rock, paper, scissors. As to where this so-called "Playground" is located, the video was shot at the Mercedes-Benz Test Track in Immendingen, a municipality in the district of Tuttlingen in Baden-Württemberg. The three-pointed star owns a proving ground and a technology center on the 520-hectare area with 30 different test tracks and a total route length – including tarmac and gravel – of 42 miles (68 kilometers).

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