[UPDATE] Third teaser has been embedded below. It's just as inconclusive as the other two, but it does remind us VW also produces honey, aside from cars and curry sausages...


Color us intrigued. Volkswagen has taken to Twitter X to tease a potential revival of the Rabbit. In case the moniker doesn't ring a bell, it was used for the Golf sold in the United States during the first and fifth generations. Later on, there was also a Rabbit Edition GTI based on the Mk7 for the 2019MY. Two short clips posted on the social media platform show a bunny and a garage, respectively. However, they're not even remotely revealing.

With these clips, VW has started the countdown to what we can only presume will be the debut of a new car, be it a special edition or a concept. It looks as though the premiere is locked in for September 3, a day before the 2023 IAA Munich begins with the press day. However, we don't know whether the vehicle will be at the show in Germany.


The use of the word "Rabbit" might suggest it's US-focused but these tweets were published on the global channel rather than by VW of America. Lest we forget the 2023 Detroit Auto Show is also happening in September, so this is all a bit confusing. For what it's worth, one of the hashtags used by the Wolfsburg-based automaker is "#OneFuture." That tells us it's possibly an electric car, but bear in mind this is only an assumption we're making at this point.

Provided it's an EV, what could it be? It's too early for a preview of the ninth-generation Golf since the Mk8.5 hasn't even been unveiled yet. The compact hatchback's all-electric successor is unlikely to arrive sooner than 2028. Maybe VW is looking to revive the "Rabbit" nameplate for the ID.3 GTX? Perhaps it's a spicy version of the ID2.all concept? 

What if it's not a hatchback after all? The original Caddy was sold in the United States as the Rabbit Pickup, so perhaps VW is teasing a truck, potentially electric.

More teasers should be released in the coming days until the probable debut on Sunday, which by the way is a bit unconventional for VW to unveil a car during the weekend.

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